Tuesday, January 7, 2014

So We Meet Again.

Ahem.  We haven't spoken in a while.  Very lazy of me.  Takk for sist!  I haven't exactly been inspired of late, what with my curling up in a ball and shunning the world so I could read Sherlock Holmes instead of writing.  But, lately I have written a little bit.  Nothing interesting, and certainly nothing worthy of posting here.  But I thought I would just convey a bit of my ideas to you, as you have been unfailingly longsuffering and amazing and fantastic by continuing to be subscribed to this dusty old blog.
I received one of the best presents ever for Epiphany/King's Day/whatever you call it.  January 6th is, if you don't know, the day we celebrate the three kings or wise men who visited Jesus a couple years after His birth.  Anyway.  I got the most brilliant Captain America shield shirt.  It's my favorite style - non-Vneck, and not tight but also not shapeless.
 I could go on for hours about this thing that I don't ever want to stop wearing.  But anyway, it prompted me into thinking about writing about superheroes.  Not that I don't know how cliche that could be if I'm not careful.  But I started writing nonetheless.  So far all that has happened is a girl named Audrey Glory (totally not the official name but I wrote it at 12:00 AM so it was the best I could come up with on the fly) walked to the mailbox and pulled out a letter that said ------------


I actually have no idea what it said.  :P  Still thinking on that.  But the letter will somehow change her life.  If that isn't already cliche, I don't know what is.  *sigh* 

Sooooooo, in addition to getting the Cap shirt I also got a Sherlock scarf for Christmas!!  And I already had a TARDIS BFF necklace (the other half of which belongs to my Janey), and a wooden Sting created by my ingenious friend Brian.  So I am feeling rather fangirly right now and it feels great.  Anyway.  I am dragging this out because longer blog posts make me feel better, but honestly most of you probably don't read all of my ridiculousness anyway.  Don't blame you.  If you are still reading, I must bid you farewell.  Maybe sometime in the near future I will actually post something from my outrageously cliche superhero story.

Also you may be interested in what I have been doing to Hitchhiker.  I am totally renovating 
and replotting it. 

- Ashley
P.S.  Takk for sist means "Nice to see you again" in Norwegian.
P.S.S. I really really really really really really really really really want this.


  1. I actually like the name Audrey Glory. :p And be careful-if you don't change it soon, it's going to start growing on you, and then eventually you won't be able to let go of the name. :p
    Bekah Joan

  2. Hey, Ashley, just wanted to let you know that I nominated you for the Liebster Award over at www.quillinherquiver.blogspot.com. :) Just so's you know.

  3. And I've just nominated you for the Sunshine Award over at my art blog. Because you're just so shiny. :D