Saturday, August 2, 2014


Developments!  How sweet the sound of that word. I'd like to take a minute to thank my sunshine Mary Jane for her utter brilliance in those sutuations in which I was completely and utterly out of ideas.  I'd driven myself into an amount of corners that it is physically impossible to have in a room.  Or a story.  Okay, it wasn't that bad, but I needed help.  And then my sunshine came speaking words of wisdom which I beg everyone to take heed of if you are writing a story whose antagonist you know very little about:  figure out what the antagonist wants.  You cannot continue if you don't know what he/she/they/it want/s.  Otherwise, how can you tell exactly what the protagonist/s is/are fighting for and/or against? 
My problem with the Web was that I didn't know why they were stealing from everyone.  Money is a relevant motivator but also extremely boring.  It had to be deeper.  Everything has to be deeper.  
So, while pondering Janey's advice at 2AM, the divine floodgates of inspiration were thrown open and, since I was standing there pounding on them, they hit me square in the face and threw me back some miles - right back to the drawing board, on which was written "RETHINK."  I realized then that if what I had couldn't work, I had to untangle the Web and piece it back together another way.  By 2:21am that morning I had decided that the traitor I'd previously mentioned was actually the leader of the Web, which will need a new name because it's not really a web at the moment.  This traitor, who we will nickname Joe because what does River Song say? has a world domination plan or something to that effect.  Basically he has a problem with his dead father, who was a crappy human being.  Wellllll, he was very human, and that's the problem.  But anyway, Joe feels like he has to prove something by doing all this evil stuff.  Nicely worded, Ashley.  We can tell you're a writer. 😑
I also decided on the circumstances of Meg (my MC)'s brainwashing: several days before, she and Noah (her partner) were on a mission (the nature of which I have not yet thought out) where they stumbled upon the Web, which at the time is only a budding threat to the world - Nife hadn't had any dealings with them yet (besides of course what Joe was doing but none of them knew about that).   They also discover that's where the heretofore missing agent Will is, in a rather brainwashed state as I believe I mentioned in my last post.  So Meg pressures Franklin Russell, one of the leaders of Nife, to send someone to recover him.  But of course Joe managed to engineer that mission which Franklin finally agreed to send her on so that she would get captured, because he couldn't have her doing her own research and finding out he was the Nife traitor.  
I'm hoping the floodgates of inspiration open again tonight because I'm still working out the details of how she managed to end up brainwashed on a beach in light of these new developments.  But I like them better than what I had before, so I shall persevere and figure out a way! 😄I hope this post made sense.  I'm a bit tired.  Thanks for reading!😁 I'll try to post about Meg very very soon.  Maybe directly after this post.  Maybe tomorrow. I'm not sure xD

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